Activities available for all:

Presentation by Dr Liz Wood, a marine biologist living in Eversley, based on Kingsley’s “Glaucus; or, The Wonders of the Shore”

Kingsley’s Glaucus has been credited in developing the Victorian passion for exploring sea-shore rock pools, which continues to this day. Liz brings her professional knowledge of marine biology to a presentation using the beautiful coloured illustrations from the original publication.

Times for the 30 minute presentation will be notified on the festival blackboard.

Madam How and Lady Why; or, First Lessons in Earth Lore for Children

A nature trail following Kingsley’s instructional walks he led with young people from Eversley as part of his passion for educating the population in the natural world. Something we take for granted today but was non-existent in his day. His compendium on the natural world was published with this intriguing title in 1865

Kingsley’s belief in the importance of natural history for the education of young people is very much back on trend and these short walks in the beautiful woodland surrounding The Mount will be an opportunity for festival-goers of all ages to learn and enjoy insights provided by an experienced naturalist.

Times for the trails will be posted on the festival blackboard

Walking tour of St Mary’s passing Kingsley’s Old Rectory home

A 40 minute walk to visit St Mary’s, Charles and Fanny’s grave and a collection of artefacts and copies of Kingsley’s publications.

Times for the guided walks will be posted on the festival blackboard

St Mary’s
Charles and Fanny his wife’s grave. CKS Founder’s day, 12 June 2018
Kingsley in the garden of the Old Rectory with St Mary’s in the background