The Pageant



Tickets priced £2 are available for visitors to view the Pageant at the festival site.

Charles Kingsley 200 Festival Pageant – The History of Child Labour in Our Community    has been awarded a grant  by the Heritage lottery Fund.

The pageant is a joint project with  Charles Kingsley Society,  King’s College London, The Museum of English Rural Life  and Charles Kingsley Primary School, Eversley.



Pageants were until the middle of the last century a common sight in villages throughout the UK.

Always community based,  pageants offered the opportunity for local people to tell the story of their village and community. The 1919 Eversley pageant which celebrated Kingsley’s centennial was well attended.  People made a special effort to put on a good show in the times they lived in: the aftermath of the Great War, the Spanish flu epidemic, social unrest;  but, despite all that, the Eversley pageant was a success.

Fast forward to this June when the children from Charles Kingsley School will proceed from the school to The Mount with a pageant that tells the story of child labour in our community through the ages.

This fun and educational project is a result of the joint efforts of the school, King’s College London and MERL, the Museum of English Rural Life and the Charles Kingsley Society

The Pageant is funded by The National Heritage Lottery


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