Tent Talk | Professor Ivo Klaver – You Want the Truth? Kingsley vs Newman

SATURDAY 15 June | 11.00am | The Big Top


In the 1830s John Henry Newman was one of the Church of England’s greatest minds. In 1845, however, he converted to Roman Catholicism. His views on celibacy and the authority of the church riled Kingsley, who in 1864 accused Newman of advocating deceit. Newman’s reply was his Apologia pro Vita Sua, a text revered as one of the greatest spiritual autobiographies. Join Kingsley’s biographer, Ivo Klaver of the University of Urbino, for a discussion of this epic battle of minds, illustrated with readings. 45mins plus Q&A

This spat has renewed currency with Newman’s  imminent elevation to sainthood. Kingsley did pick his enemies!

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